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Sustainable Energy

Energy Cloud Storage

Europes first large scale Energy Cloud Storage project. Deploying an initial 4GW/26GWH's towards +300GW of large scale grid connected battery storage within the EU. Alongside an agreed initial investment of €600m by our equity partners in Infrastructure, Aedificium Capital will invest +€100m in Energy Cloud Storage to support its development. 


Storage & Technologies

We invest in early stage companies developing the new generation of storage technologies, systems and support structures. We invest in Block Chain and Crypto technologies and their applications in the energy and storage markets within the EU and wider markets.

Future Engineering


Investment in all areas of Green Hydrogen, from management software, control systems to the next generation of Power X Hydrogen solutions.

Coal Power Station


Brownfield refers to land that is abandoned or underutilized due to pollution from industrial use, we are currently acquiring land through out the EU to be converted for use with our storage projects. 


Artificial Intelligence

We invest in all areas of Artificial Intelligence as it relates to Energy Transition or "Energiewende" in German. From systems that improve basics BMS and EMS functions through to advanced Energy Trading and other management technologies and how they can be used to track and monetise GO's and support systems.

Sustainable Hydroelectric Power Generation .jpg

Energy Infrastructure 

Large scale Energy Infrastructure including Transmission lines, Interconnects and subsea power cables, along with support structures and management systems. 

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